2 ounce Soft Bead Stick of HCM Beads


2 oz HCM Soft Bead Stick. The Soft Bead Sticks are approximately 8″ x 2″ x .5″

Our HCM Soft Bead Sticks are made from a soft fabric that will not be harmed nor cause harm to your cigars when placed together. HCM beads control humidity by establishing an equilibrium in your humidor’s environment. The beads are preset to 65% RH, although they can be set to any RH that you desire. We offer presets between 60%-70%RH.

Please check out our Calculator for help in determining how much beads you need for your humidor.

Instructions for using HCM Soft Bead Sticks, including changing the RH can be found here: Using HCM Beads.

Shipping Information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × .5 in


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