Finger Bags Sampler


This is a sampler of our finger bags; these bags are 3 mil polyethylene bags; resealable (for easy reuse) with a spot-welded, single-track, durable zipper.

Designed to accommodate a variety of cigars (up to 70 RG x 9″); they will protect your cigars and keep them from drying out in transit or storage (leave the bags unsealed in your humidor). They are perfect for bombing or shipping box-splits with your favorite brother or sister of The Leaf!

The bags can be labeled with a Sharpie to identify the contents of each compartment.

The sampler includes:

  • 15 One Finger (Compartment) Cigar Bags
  • 15 One XL Finger (Compartment Cigar Bags
  • 15 Three Finger (Compartment) Cigar Bags
  • 5 Five Finger (Compartment) Cigar Bags

Shipping Information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8.5 × .25 in


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